March 31, 2017

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 Volume 29, Issue 3 (September 2023)

Original Articles

‘They have shown me what I need to know’: spirits, the eternal family, and collective ethical responsibility in Utah Mormonism
Erin E. Stiles

Embracing precarity across species: Muslim ethics and care for stray dogs in Russia
Tatiana Rabinovich

The colour of seawater: colour perception and environmental change in Dominican seascapes
Kyrstin Mallon Andrews

The spaces of religion: a view from South Asia
David N. Gellner

Ghar ki tension: domesticity and distress in India’s aspiring middle class
Nikita Simpson

Fishing, thieving, witchcraft: apprehension and mistrust in maritime West Africa
Jennifer Diggins

Critical ontologies: rethinking relations to other-than-humans from the Bolivian Andes
Mareike Winchell

The ethics and obligations of long-term ethnographic relationships: revelatory moments and the concept of solidarity
Susan R. Hemer

‘A place for training, not for competition’: negotiations of competition and agency among long-distance runners in Kenya
Uroš Kovač

A lineage in land: the transmission of Palestinian Christianity
Clayton Goodgame

Long Review

Relations of dissent: politics, ethics, and the moral individual
Natalie Morningstar

Book and Film Reviews

Anthropological lives

Jackson, MichaelQuandaries of belonging: notes on home, from abroad198 pp., bibliogr. London: Anthem Press, 2020. £25.00 (cloth)
Johannes Lenhard

Vilaça, AparecidaPaletó and me: memories of my indigenous father218 pp., maps, illus. Stanford: Univ. Press, 2021. £18.99 (paper)
Paolo Fortis

Divine infrastructures

Peter Berger & Sarbeswar Sahoo (eds). Godroads: modalities of conversion in India. xii, 296 pp., bibliogrs. Cambridge: Univ. Press, 2020. £75.00 (cloth)
Mukesh Kumar

Franck Billé (ed.); with an afterword by Debbora Battaglia. Voluminous states: sovereignty, materiality, and the territorial imagination. x, 289 pp., maps, figs, illus., bibliogrs. Durham, N.C.: Duke Univ. Press, 2020. £24.99 (paper)
Christos Lynteris

Gustafson, BretBolivia in the age of gas. xviii, 309 pp., maps, illus., bibliogr. Durham, N.C.: Duke Univ. Press, 2020. £23.99 (paper)
Chuck Sturtevant

Jain, KajriGods in the time of democracy. xx, 336 pp., maps, tables, figs, illus., bibliogr. Durham, N.C.: Duke Univ. Press, 2021. £26.99 (paper)
Christopher Pinney

Mains, DanielUnder construction: technologies of development in urban Ethiopia. xii, 226 pp., illus., bibliogr. Durham, N.C.: Duke Univ. Press, 2019. £22.99 (paper)
Michael Crawley

Ethics, merit, and aid

Drążkiewicz, ElżbietaInstitutionalised dreams: the art of managing foreign aid248 pp., illus., bibliogr. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 2020. £99.00 (cloth)
Michał Buchowski

David HenigAnna Strhan & Joel Robbins (eds). Where is the good in the world? Ethical life between social theory and philosophy. viii, 251 pp., bibliogrs. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 2022. £99.00 (cloth)
Megan Douglas

Jelena Tošic & Andreas Streinzer (eds). Ethnographies of deservingness: unpacking ideologies of distribution and inequality. x, 437 pp., bibliogrs. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books, 2022. £107.00 (cloth)
Kelly Fagan Robinson

Film and the environment

Cartelli, Philip (dir.). Slow return. 120 mins. Colour. New York: Nusquam (, 2021. VOD rental:
Harriet Crisp

Faezi, Daniel Asadi (dir.). The absence of apricots. 49 mins. DVD, colour. London: RAI, 2018. £5.00 (VOD rental)
Timothy P.A. Cooper

Knapp, Gina (dir.) & Susanne Kuehling (prod.). Voices of kula. 86 mins. Online video, colour. Regina: Univ. of Regina, 2021. Open access
David Lipset

Life, death, and personhood

Blanchette, AlexPorkopolis: American animality, standardized life, and the factory farm320 pp., illus., bibliogr. Durham, N.C.: Duke Univ. Press, 2020. £24.99 (paper)
James Staples

Michael Hviid Jacobsen (ed.). The age of spectacular death. x, 218 pp., bibliogrs. Abingdon: Routledge, 2020. £35.99 (paper)
Antonius C.G.M. Robben

Wolf-Meyer, Matthew J. Unraveling: remaking personhood in a neurodiverse age. xiii, 316 pp., bibliogr. Minneapolis: Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2020. £22.99 (paper)
Rosalie Jones-McVey

Making and unmaking heritage

Breithoff, EstherConflict, heritage and world-making in the Chaco: war at the end of the worlds? 224 pp., illus., bibliogr. London: UCL Press, 2020. £25.00 (paper)
Silvia Hirsch

Valk, JulieSelling the kimono: an ethnography of crisis, creativity and hope196 pp., illus., bibliogr. Abingdon: Routledge, 2021. £36.99 (paper)
Liza Dalby

Yarrow, ThomasArchitects: portraits of a practice. xii, 283 pp., illus., bibliogr. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell Univ. Press, 2019. £15.99 (paper)
Aina Landsverk Hagen

Material migration

Columb, SeánTrading life: organ trafficking, illicit networks, and exploitation216 pp., bibliogr. Stanford: Univ. Press, 2020. £23.99 (paper)
Charlotte Ikels

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (ed.). Refuge in a moving world: tracing refugee and migrant journeys across disciplines566 pp., tables, illus., bibliogrs. London: UCL Press, 2020. £30.00 (paper)
Are John Knudsen

Flueckiger, Joyce BurkhalterMaterial acts in everyday Hindu worlds206 pp., illus., bibliogr. Albany, N.Y.: SUNY Press, 2020. £23.50 (paper)
Mikael Aktor

Sarah B. Horton & Josiah Heyman (eds). Paper trails: migrants, documents, and legal insecurity. vi, 258 pp., bibliogrs. Durham, N.C.: Duke Univ. Press, 2020. £22.99 (paper)
Anna Tuckett

Friedemann Yi-NeumannAndrea LauserAntonie Fuhse & Peter J. Bräunlein (eds). Material culture and (forced) migration: materializing the transient. xviii, 352 pp., illus., bibliogrs. London: UCL Press, 2022. £30.00 (paper)
Saida Mikailova

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