April 18, 2018

Image credits and captions

‘Hi : The Turtle’. Drawing in ink by A. Bernard Deacon, 1926-27, Ambrim (Ambrym, Vanuatu), © RAI, 300.94-7-020.

El Campo de Cebada, Madrid, May 2013. Credit: Creative Commons BY-SA 2.5 Zuloark

Tourist Labour. Photo: Penny Harvey

An Evenki conical lodge (iurta) at the headwaters of the Nomama River in the mountainous North Baikal District, Buriat Republic Russia. (Photo: V. Davydov)

Colourful dancers surrounded by a crowd in Pamplona, Spain.

Final dance at the city hall in San Fermin. Photography by San Fermin Pamplona – Navarra on Unsplash.