March 22, 2017

Special Issues


Religious Suasion

April 2024 | Volume 30, Issue S1 | Guest Editors: Sam Victor & Danny Cardoza

Developing a conversation about religious forms of ‘suasion’ is important because it provides a vocabulary for comparing parallel practices of religious influence across different religious communities, allowing for more nuanced understandings of what might commonly – and negatively – be termed ‘proselytizing’.

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Religious suasion: introduction to the special issue
Danny Cardoza Sam Victor

Epiphenomenal suasion: Jehovah’s Witnesses and the politics of preaching against the state
Danny Cardoza

Self-suasion: agents of Jewish conversion in Israel in search of religious sincerity
Michal Kravel-Tovi

Silent suasions: interpersonal mediation in Thai meditation
Julia Cassaniti

Proselytizing is not evangelism: epistemic virtue and religious suasion at a post-fundamentalist church in Nashville
Sam Victor

The art of jieyuan: ethical affinity and the cultivation of Chinese Buddhist spirituality in Tanzania
Yu Qiu

Restoring that which has never been: Hmong millenarianism and the reinvention of tradition
Jacob R. Hickman

Afterword: Suasion, circulation, and an anthropology of influence
Courtney Handman

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