About the Journal


The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute was established in 1901 as Man and obtained its current title in 1995, with volume numbering restarting at 1. For first sixty-three volumes from its inception in 1901 up to 1963 it was issued on a monthly basis, moving to bimonthly issues for the years 1964–1965. From March 1966 until its last issue in December 1994, it was published quarterly as a “new series”, with a new sequence of volume numbers (1–29).

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Editorial board

Matei Candea (Honorary Editor)

Fiona Coward (Associate Editor for Archaeology)

Simon Underdown (Associate Editor for Biological Anthropology)

Thomas Yarrow (Reviews Editor)

Benjamin Alberti – Rita Astuti – Victor Buchli – Janet Carsten – Rebecca Cassidy – Morgan Clarke – Veena Das – Sarah Elton – Didier Fassin – James Ferguson – Sarah Green – Stefan Helmreich – Eric Hirsch – Tim Ingold – Tobias Kelly – Gavin Lucas – Tanya Luhrmann – Nicholas Mascie-Taylor – Francesca Merlan – Jonathan Parry – Joel Robbins – Andrew Shryock – Anne-Christine Taylor – Aparecida Vilaça

Editorial Assistance

Felix Stein (Editorial assistant)

Jessica Turner (Assistant Reviews Editor)

Jack Smith (Webmaster)