May 9, 2021

Editorial and Review Policy

As of 10 May 2021, the JRAI uses double-blind review. This means that the reviewer is unaware of the author’s identity and vice versa.

We acknowledge that in a field such as anthropology, the most appropriately qualified reviewers may have previous or existing professional relationships with authors and do not view this as a necessary barrier to review. However, reviewers should not be close colleagues of authors or have close personal relationships, which might compromise the capacity of a reviewer to make a free and fair assessment. If you suspect a conflict of interest, please alert the editor.

We do not assign papers to members of the editorial team where such potential conflicts of interest exist.

Journal complaints procedure

Please direct all complaints to the Editorial Office at All substantial complaints are reviewed and adjudicated externally by the Integrity in Publishing Group (IPG) at Wiley, the journal’s publisher.